Location: Roseau, Dominica

Probably due to the heat and the lights on deck for cleanup, we’re just a little bit overrun with bugs at the moment. I almost feel bad touching the keyboard. My hands are so sweaty. It’s nighttime, and we just got done with what the Seamester crew calls “squeeze,” which is the half-hour we set aside after dinner to muster in the cockpit, hold hands (hence the sweat, unfortunately), and share appreciations and something about ourselves. Today, as the Skipper, I got the opportunity to ask the question: What is a favorite memory or cherished personal connection? We got to hear about grandparents, best friends, mentors, siblings, terrifying moments at sea, and simple, fond recollections of childhood. I felt so lucky to be a part of *this* group and *this* crew, all of whom were listening so closely to each other, humming in agreement or interjecting with “Aw” or “That’s so sweet” when the moment was right. Throughout the entire day, whether it was when we spent the afternoon gossiping and taking artsy photos together on deck, when we saw dolphins off the port side of Argo at sunset, when we ate ramen at 2:30 a.m. while watching the anchor, or when we were rowed down Indian River and took down scientific measurements, I knew that we were truly a team and could count on each other.
The seasickness we had on board has abated — knock on wood — and now, apparently, I can’t stand straight on shore without swaying. For me, this demonstrated a sort of new stage in the journey, where we’re used to the boat and each other and ready to continue sailing with new energy. This applies to me, too, although I can promise with almost complete certainty that I will still never be joining the sunrise swim crew and will continue to sleep in with my earplugs blocking out every noise until I am shaken awake. Now, I’ve got to go get my stuff ready for snorkeling tomorrow and for our “shower,” a.k.a mandatory jumping in the ocean. One thing I do miss is a normal bathroom.