Location: Slipway, Antigua

Oh, Hey guys, It’s only Steve here from Ocean Star; I had gone and hijacked the Vela blog, just when you thought I was gone for good, here I am, popping up like that rash you thought was gone or that cockroach you thought you’d managed to smush with your boot, well no, here I am featuring Andrejs W.

Honestly, since the end of my own program, it’s been absolute bliss here in the slipway. The birds were singing; the water was glassy with its usual milky green tinge, the sound of the local workers slowly moving about the yard hitting random bits of metal with the occasional yelling of “STEVE” from Junior trying to sell me more of his sister’s delicious pastries, wonderful. That was until yesterday when Vela rolled on in, well more floated, I suppose, a rolling boat is no good for anyone, anyway that peace and quiet was gone. Today I watched on in horror as my new neighbors scrambled around the boat completing various BA tasks (I’m not going to talk much about that because the real skipper has to write something), but from my perspective, music was blaring, there were fireworks, strobes, silly string, it honestly was a scene closer to a frat party than a good cleaning effort of the boat. So furious was I that I went to inform our yard security guard Sam but sadly, he only really knows how to say my name about 5 times in a row, and then the conversation dries up, so he wasn’t much use. I then decided to go straight to the Captain of Vela, who you know as Tom but I know him personally as my Bae, sadly that proved a pointless endeavor because the moment he started talking to me, I got lost in his eyes and his smooth, dulcet tones put me to complete ease, and I forgot all about the frat like scenes aboard, so I went back to my boat and watched some TV. Then I got a text from Tom asking if I could show the crew of vela around Ocean Star, and as I am completely incapable of saying no to him, they were soon on my doorstep. I showed them the relative ins and out of the boat, differences, some similarities, and the few things that make Ocean Star oh so much better; for instance, I have a plant in my cabin called Agnes. After my tour, they all left to go get Pizza, which again the skipper can fill you in on the final night of juicy contents; personally, after having known them for less than 24 hours, I think there’ll be shenanigans afoot; watch this space, Charlie and Bennitt, definitely something there.

Well, it’s been fun; I am going into the salon and do my rounds to make sure Vela doesn’t sink or get broken into.

All the best and lots of love.

Steve and The real Skipper

Photos: more photos from the past 90 days