Location: Statia

Early this morning, at 4:50, we all met to go ashore, Ile Fourche. It was a rocky and steep climb, but we made it to a peak before the sun rose. We were all quiet and lost in our own thoughts as we watched the sunrise over the ocean in amazing pinks, purples, and oranges. After breakfast, we finished preparing the boat for the sail to Statia. As we got going, Dan and Graham presented us with a challenge: to determine our estimated time of arrival using a piece of bread, the chart, and a few navigational tools. We had a competition to see who could guess the closest. It was a beautiful and relaxing sail! Dan and Graham held an MTE class before arriving, so we all huddled in Irving since it was the only shaded place. As we neared Statia, the point we had used to measure our ETA became visible. It was close between Melissa, Luke, and myself, but Luke ended up winning in the end. After an Oceanography physics quiz, we had shower time and some free time while Coco and Beaker did some provisioning. Coco made us an amazing meal of nachos, followed by a birthday cake for Beth’s birthday. We downed it in seconds. Clean-up looked a little overwhelming for the deckies, so they pulled out the fire hose to get the job done right!