Location: Malolo Island

Hey mom, hey dad, its Sierra- Happy early birthday, love you. No, I did not fall off the face of the earthyet. Sorry for going a little MIA, I hope you all made it this far to read the blogs, but Im a bit doubtful, knowing your guys technological abilities.
Its already the big day 5! The day really didnt turn out to be nearly as eventful as the days prior due to pretty constant rain, but surpassing expectations, everyone was a good sport, and the day went perfectly fine.
The environment on this boat continues to grow and justifies my decision to do this program. To all the other moms and dads, your kids are pretty dang cool. Good job. Our day started off as quite the damp one with cloudy skies and the nice ripe scent of soggy clothes in our cabins. I get the privilege as skipper for the day to wake up whoever is still sleeping in the morning, and oh, it is such a pleasure. We then ate in the galley for the first time for breakfast as we munched on some fairly questionable banana bread that was nonetheless a blessing. Then, we all brainstormed crew values to hold each other to throughout the trip, which looked like a cozy, fun group discussion in the saloon as the rain came down hard on the other side of the port holes. As soon as it cleared up a bit, we all went out on deck and jumped into the ocean. Amongst the various flips, go-pro videos, and a little poopy incident, the laughter never seemed to cease.
Next, after some hummus wraps for lunch, Smash, our chief mate, gave us our first official lesson on seamanship before we all worked as a collective whole to raise the forward staysail it was pretty epic. It was then even more work to take the sail down, haha, but Im with a pretty hardworking group. Then, all the non-certified divers took their last and final written exam, and all passed while the pre-certified divers prepared the boat for passage sometime tomorrow. The free time today provided an opportunity for some personal care and unprovoked group convos that are invaluable, so Im not mad at the rain.
The day is now winding down with Project X playing in the saloon, a fabulous dinner, dance parties, and a game of spoons. Ill talk to you all soon- Skippa Snow out!