Location: Falmouth, Antigua

HUGE news from Vela tonight! We made it a whole passage with 0 pukes! 0!!!!!!!
If you’ve been keeping up, you know this is a major accomplishment.

We returned to our roots this morning as we arrived in Falmouth around breakfast. Thirty-five days away from Anteegs, and we just had to get back! I got extra lucky with the 4-8 am watch (the best watch) with Watch Team 1! The sunrise was insanely beautiful, and so were the stars that proceeded it. We anchored, and I woke up some sleepy sailors to begin our day!

Sydnei absolutely killed it in the galley today, with three delicious meals and some very noteworthy Naan.

We are three days away from our Superbowl, the Antigua Classics Yacht Regatta. Naturally, we spent the majority of the day polishing, cleaning, and de-rusting every surface of the beautiful Vela. We also got to change our sheets! To continue our race prep, we will be spending tomorrow morning on the racecourse doing some practice racing! We are all insanely excited to dominate in our class and just signed up for our race day roles. Mostly though, we are all super excited to get lots of sailing time and have the best time during Classics Week.

We ended our day with a Marine Bio midterm review, which Emma and Anna kindly created for us all. It is midterm season here on Vela, but we are surviving.

For squeeze tonight, I asked everyone to share their most favorite moment from the past 48 days. As expected, there were lots of laughs as we looked back on the amazing time we have been having. As always, the laughter has been my favorite part of the whole trip. Everyone also shared some very sweet and sentimental notes about Lomax. The next half of the trip won’t be the same without him, and we will miss him a lot, but can’t wait to see him again so soon.

We are all quite sleepy now, after another great but extra busy day and an easy passage last night. The first half of this trip has been the most fun I have ever had, largely due to the wonderful people that I am so lucky to live herewith. I am so beyond excited for the second half!

peace out

pic captions:
1: Lo provided me and sharp emotional support as we polished the bowsprit.
2: me, Sofia, and Lizzie 2-6ing
3: the pink squad! We match on purpose, obviously.
4and5: The sunrise this morning!