Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today began with a nice freshwater shower on the docks around 6:30. I then headed back to the boat, where I fulfilled my wake-up duties. Kind of weird trying to wake up a bunch of people I barely know, but I’m sure it’ll only get less awkward from here. We enjoyed some yummy banana bread, melon, and yogurts for breakfast before starting emergency drills in smaller groups. We learned what to do in a fire, flood, man overboard, and abandoned ship situation. We even pulled the fire hose out, which you’ll see in the photos below. We then regrouped and had a delicious gyro lunch. After that, we had our intro to marine biology class, and those of us getting our open water certification watched another riveting scuba video.
Next, Amanda took us on a nice little walk to the beach, where we went for our second swim of the trip and our first birdie on the perch experience. We paired up with someone we hadn’t talked to much and assigned one partner as “birdie” and the other as the “perch,” not knowing what either of these roles entailed. All perches were instructed to walk in a circle while the birdies walked in a bigger circle surrounding them. We continued to walk in circles until Amanda yelled, “BIRDIE ON A PERCH!!” At that moment, all birdies had to find their perches and climb onto them in some way, avoiding touching the ground. Now, “birdie on a perch” can be called at any time for the rest of the semester. We finished our beach day with a game of mafia and then headed back to the boat to hop in the dinghy for a quick trip to the grocery store. I bought some dates (yum), and a fellow shipmate accidentally bought a $20 pack of Oreos. Oops.
When we got back from the grocery store, our final two shipmates had finally arrived! We are all excited for our full group to be here and to venture out of the harbor tomorrow!

Photo 1- Swimming!!
Photo 2- Birdie on the perch action shot
Photo 3- Mafia action shot
Photo 4- Group photo at the beach (minus Mia and Savannah-can’t wait for a full group photo in the coming days)
Photo 5- Dinner action shot
Photo 6- Alex and Brett getting the hose for our trash pump