Location: Dry Tortugas, FT

We started our day with some awesome pancakes with berry sauce and Lemon, freshly made by our chefs. Following that, we prepared for our first dive that day; the dive site is called Texas Rock. The dive itself was fun apart from the current, which was intense. Some people even saw a nurse shark and anemone. After we got out of the water, we motored to our next dive site Davis Rock, on the way there we had a Chicken Caesar wraps for lunch. As soon as we reached the dive site, the people who were diving splashed while the others stayed on board working on their autobiography for the Student Leadership class. After a quick visit from the park rangers, we went on to motor back to our anchorage, where we will stay for one last night. We finished the day with a beautiful sunset, delicious Veggie Korma curry, and brownies for our birthday boy William who got to hear happy birthday at least a hundred times today. The anchor watches will start soon, and we all are keen to rest for an exciting upcoming day.