Location: Port Denarau, Fiji

Blinking, however, is recommended on Argo as the light grenade wars continue. Each day more innocent Argo civilians are caught in the crossfire as Cole, Tim, and Tyler come up with innovative ways to light grenade each other. Pot covers from the galley have turned into reflective shields, and open hatches have become a vantage point for destruction. Even the dryers are in on it and have begun “slapping” people with their wet towels through the hatches. No one is safe, not even me. E has just struck me with a sopping wet towel as I am sitting here reporting on The Great Denarau Battle Grounds.
On a lighter note, we sailed from Monu Riki to Port Denarau today and got two of the sails up. We completed a fairly smooth man-overboard drill in preparation for getting underway in a few days. Also, Caleigh perfectly docked Argo with a little help from Tim. We are all super proud!! Annie also did an amazing job cooking today, and all of the meals were incredible, especially considering how her ingredient options were a little bit slim. Finally, we have a new member on the boat, Imposter Gabe! He came to breakfast this morning with a clean-shaven face, and everyone’s reactions were priceless. Mia just about cried laughing in shock of beardless Gabe. Overall it was another amazing day in paradise.
As we begin to prepare for our long passage and continue to gear up for the ongoing war, we are always thinking of the people we love from home. We love and miss all of our amazing friends and family supporting us from home;) (I especially miss my family and my dog Charlie).

P.S. If you find the real Gabe, please return him to Argo. We are afraid that Imposter Gabe may have locked him in the anchor locker or sent him back to land.

1. Argo<3
2. Bridget working out and Ian following but doing something that doesn’t exactly look like working out
3. Annie in the Galley
4. Imposter Gabe
5. Mia in the hatch!
6. Tyler and Tim in a light grenade standoff
7. Caleigh at the helm after anchoring Argo!!!!!