Location: CA

My favorite day during my time on Ocean Star has to be the Mount Qua Qua Hike and the waterfalls after. It was one of the first days when we got to Grenada. Amanda told us the night before that we would be leaving early and to get all of our stuff together. “It’s going to be a muddy hike,” She said, and I don’t think any of us knew how muddy she meant. After breakfast, we went to shore and got into the taxis, then made our way to Mount Qua Qua. The hike wasn’t supposed to be very hard, so everyone was very excited, especially for the hike to the waterfalls and seeing how high they were.

When we were dropped off, it looked as though it just had rained, but I didn’t think much of it. As the hike started, the path kept getting muddier and muddier. But it was all fun, listening to everyone trying not to slip and fall. The mud made the hike just that much harder. At least that is my excuse for stopping a few times to get water. As we contained up to the top, the views just kept getting better. We could see almost all of Grenada when at the top. There was a huge rock where we ate our lunch. And the clouds started to roll in. Our shoes and legs were covered in mud, and we were getting drenched in the rain that had begun to pour. At the bottom, we were so very muddy; all the tourists from what I am guessing was a cruise ship was just staring. It was quite a funny sight. But we tried to wash off the mud and wait for the rest of the group. As we waited, I got to feed a monkey!!!! That was a first for me.

We meet our guide for the waterfalls, and he led the group of us up to the top of the river, and we made our first jump. The guide showed us how to jump if it was shallow and where to jump. Finally, we got to the big jump, and it sure looked bigger up here. But there was no turning back now. This was my favorite day. They were all amazing, and I want to live them over again, but this one stands out for me.