Location: Underway to the Galapagos

Today was another amazing day on passage to the Galapagos. Watch Team 1’s watch started at 0400, which is a favorite for many of us because of the starry sky that quickly fades into dawn and colorful sunrise. We had many spunky booby birds squawking at each other over places to sit up in the rigging, which was very entertaining, as well as “blue sparkly things” that were continuously flowing out from underneath the boat. They must have been some sort of jellyfish or comb jelly, but all we really know is that they were iridescent blue and difficult to pick up with a dishy bucket. We also spent some time putting up the flying jib, one of our new favorite pastimes. As the watch schedule continued, we rolled into lunch which was beautifully prepared by Renee and her sous chefs. After lunch, we were visited by a few blue-footed boobies who dropped multiple scrolls down onto the deck of Argo. I quickly delivered these scrolls to everyone in Seamanship class, where we read what they said all together. The scrolls turned out to be invitations to an equator crossing ceremony that is happening tomorrow at 0 North. Those lucky enough to attend will be asked to entertain the Royal Court of King Neptune and, in doing so, will graduate from their title as a “stinky” Pollywog to a Shellback. I even received one of these invitations on my bunk because this will be my first equator crossing as well. To say that we are excited for what tomorrow will bring is a massive understatement. After Seamanship and Marine Biology class, everyone rejoined us on deck. We shared a delicious dinner while being observed by eight boobies on the triatic and visited by dolphins and even whales in the distance. As we roll into our night watches this evening, everyone is planning what costume they will wear for the ceremony tomorrow. Also, we are less than 48 hours from BEING IN THE GALAPAGOS!!

Current position: 0102.81’N x 08718.14’W