Location: Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

As the caption of the day depicts, today was all about Argo loving. To start off the day, we had a nice sleep-in and banana bread, fruit loops, and other chocolaty sugary goodness to kick start the day. Riding on this sugar wave with spirits running high, we tackled the rust stains on Argo. An hour later, after crashing, we still trucked through the next four hours of boat appreciation cleanup, showing Argo just how much we love her. After the most amazing chicken fajitas that have ever graced my pallet and customs cleared us through, we got ready to head to shore in FIJI! Some got onshore showers or local cuisine or bought outfits from thrift shops to get ready for church on Sunday. After heads were shaved and Mohawks created (slightly scary and a little bit uneven), we sat down for another delicious, delectable, delightful dinner. After dinner, I got help writing this blog from my oceanography teacher (who is the bombbbbb) and will soon have marine biology class and Grace’s How to presentation. A classy day full of classy people. Loving Fiji (Hi Mom :))