Location: English Harbour, Antigua

We made excellent time sailing from Les Saints to Antigua, departing at approximately 9 PM and arriving at approximately 4:50 AM. Watch teams 2 and 3 dropped sails, set anchor, and went to bed. Skipper let everyone sleep in an extra hour, and then we had a simple breakfast of cold cereal and yogurt. Following clean-up, we motored to an adjacent Antiguan bay, where we tied up at the dock for the first time since Tortola, much to the crew’s pleasure. We made sure Ocean Star was looking nice and shiny above and below decks, as we know she makes for quite the fishbowl at the dock, and we wanted her to be looking her best for pictures. Once everything was spiffy, we went ashore for lunch and study time (our oceanography midterm is after dinner). We returned to the boat in time for a delicious dinner of baked fish, don’t worry, moms, there was a side of veggies.