Location: St. Lucia

My day started as the clock hit midnight. Luke woke me up for watch, ad my first thought was, “Dang, I wouldn’t change this for the world, but I really just want to sleep.” I started on bow watch with Zoe, and we quickly realized that foulies would be in order. Huge waves crashed over the bow as we plowed through the angry seas. The wind whipped around us as we stood sentry, trying to ignore our growing seasickness. When our hour was up, we headed back to the cockpit. Mike and Isa were next up at the bow, but the waves got even worse, and they soon returned, green in the face. Bravely, Margeaux and Will offered to go up, even though Margeaux was about to take over on the helm for Will.
The next morning, I was woken by Lennox. I emerged from the foxhole to a world awash with the sun. We ate Muesli for breakfast and then began on boat appreciation. We scrubbed every inch of the boat, from the cap rail to the bilge covers. Julia Luke and I ended up on Irve scrubbing the outside of the boat. Later, we had oceanography and then leadership, with ended with Ash (Happy Birthday!!!) sending us for a siesta. Ash, without fail, knows exactly what the crew needs. During our siesta, many of us napped and showered. Today we had access to shore showers, which now feel like a luxury worthy of the gods. We also have access to a laundry service, which means we should all be a little less smelly for a few days. I also got the chance to go have some ice cream and a good conversation with Isabel (Happy Birthday!!!). At dinner, we had a delicious meal of tuna casserole and brownies for dessert. Tonight, we have shore time, and everyone is very excited.
1: Luke Julia and I cleaning the side of the boat
2: Luke scrubbing some more
3: A new friend decided to join us as we starting scrubbing the decks
4: Arriving in St. Lucia
5: Ben cleaning the deck
6: A collection of the crew that is just too cool
7: Birthday Brownies