Location: Pearns Point, Antigua

Hello, my name is Mady; I’m an emergency first responder. May I help you?

This morning started peacefully with an incredible sunrise and a good breakfast from our chef team of Smash, Ethan, and Katie, but was interrupted by a fire drill. We all had fun learning how to use the fire hose and strengthening our ability to work as a team. We also practiced an abandon ship drill and learned about our roles in different emergency situations. After the fire drill, we continued our Emergency First Response Training, learning and practicing CPR. We had so much fun practicing our new splinting and bandaging skills on each other. For lunch, we had hot dogs with homemade buns, and after lunch, we headed to the saloon for classes. We had seamanship and oceanography today. Today was our last lecture of Seamanship before our exam, so we all have lots of studying to do, at least I do. In Oceanography, we learned about the formation of coral which I found fascinating, and I can’t wait for the visibility to improve so we can go scuba diving soon and see the coral for real.

In between classes, we helped put away the provisions. I’m happy to announce that we are restocked on coffee, crisis averted. After classes, we were all more than happy to jump in the ocean and go for our daily swim and shower. This is everyone’s favorite part of the day after being below deck all day for classes. It’s so nice to go out and take in the view. For dinner, we had pad thai, and afterward, we all sat around for squeeze – an every night event where we go around the circle answering one question and stating our favorite thing from that day. Tonight’s question was, “if you could be alive in any time period, what would it be?” Everyone had such different answers. My personal favorite was that Smash wanted to be the only human riding a dinosaur. Squeeze has easily become my favorite part of every day. I have loved watching us grow closer every time.

Friends and Family,
I’m having the time of my life. I miss you all, but I miss the dog the most. Take good care of her for me.

Gossip Girl
Just Kidding its Mady

Photo 1: Our Morning view
Photo 2: Hannah working the Firehose
Photo 3: Valentina cranking the trash pump
Photo 4: Ethan and the team working together to man the firehose
Photo 5: Meghan, Anthony, Maddy, Max, Bennitt, and Valentina doing the dishes
Photo 6: Sonnet in the gopher hole
Photo 7: The view again, it never gets old…