Location: Dominica

The students had an early day today. They began at 8 AM, meeting our tour guide (Pancho) on the dock. He took the students across Dominica and on a gorgeous 8-mile hike through the Dominican wilderness up to a boiling lake at the top. Fun fact: it’s boiling from the volcano underneath! The last stop they had was to the Ti Tou Gorge, where everyone could cliff jump into the water. Fun fact number 2: Ti Tou Gorge is one of the filming locations of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest! After the hike, everyone enjoyed some time ashore for dinner.

While this was happening on shore, a few of us stayed back on board to keep an eye on things. We cleaned a bit. We did some rust removal and other light detailing of Vela to make her nice and shiny again. But as someone who stayed on board, the best part of our day was the view. Where we are anchored in, Dominica is one of the prettier places I’ve been. There are the dramatic heights of the island behind us and off our bow is a great view of the sunset!

Tomorrow is day 80. This means we’re just ten days away from the end of the trip! Ten days to cram in as many memories as we can, ten days to appreciate just being all together, ten days to love all the little things living on a boat together has to offer before it’s all completed. This has been one of my favorite trips and groups of students, and it’s sad to think about how short of a time is left. But there’s something comforting in knowing how much we’ll all miss this and how much we’ve all impacted each other in a relatively short time frame.

Ten days left. Don’t take it for granted.

– Matt