Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today, the unpredictable turns of our voyage on the Argo lead us on a hike to the last boiling lake in the world. This natural wonder is nestled in the jungle-covered peaks overlooking the capital of Dominica, Roseau. After a slightly disorientating ride up the twisting mountain road, our guide Poncho lead us into the forest once used in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” We soon learned, however, that we were not prepared for the trek ahead of us as we panted up the trail behind our barefoot guide. The breathtaking jungle landscape eventually started to acquire a rotten egg stench, and before we knew it, we came out upon the Valley of Desolation. This sulfur-dominated area is shaped by latent volcanic activity with striking bluffs encircled by shifting mists. Poncho made full use of this landscape in order to prepare hard-boiled eggs in one of the bubbling brooks along the trail. A mid-hike siesta was found in a group romp in one of the larger hot springs closer to the lake. Finally, after three and a half hours, we found ourselves on the edge of the boiling lake. When the mist cleared, we were rewarded for all the mud, sweat, and falls with a spectacular view of the boiling water in the crater before us. After making our way back, we spent our final storage of energy exploring a set river caverns, incorporated in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Though arduous, exhausting, and trying at times, this trip proved worth every effort, successfully making us turn in early for whatever ventures await tomorrow!