Location: Dominica

The crew woke up early today to get ready for a full day’s hike up to the boiling lake in Dominica’s 3 Pitons National Park. Joined by a local guide, Pancho, the crew hiked for several hours through the lush rainforest. Some of the highlights of the hike were the crossing of the Valley of Desolation, a large valley of steaming volcanic rock and spraying gases. The crew then stopped to enjoy a very hot bath in some of the volcano’s hot springs before finally reaching the gorgeous boiling lake. The entire crew was then surprised to find a giant river flowing through a canyon at the end of the hike. Many of the crew’s comments consisted of the coolest place on earth and the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. The waterfall at the end of the giant canyon made for one amazing scene. To wrap up the day, the entire crew went ashore for a BBQ dinner as today’s guide, Pancho, kept the whole crew laughing with jokes.