Location: Bonaire

Today was, all in all, a good day. We got to explore the island, as well as relax and enjoy being at the dock. To start the day, we had an oceanography midterm which had been the cause of much anticipation and anxiety, as well as one or two sleepless nights. After that, we felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from our shoulders and spent a few minutes on the deck relaxing and laying in the sun catching fresh air before we were called back down to the galley for leadership in of which nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

After that, we carried on the day with some groups going on dives to attempt to move onward towards their advanced diver certification, while other groups stayed back onshore and went to explore the island and see what there was to see. I personally chose the second option so I could attempt to find a fishing store so I might be able to find some larger fishing gear sense my current equipment has been consistently overpowered by the seemingly endless supply of billfish. However, due to all of the shops being closed down since Bonaire was recently bumped up to covid level 6, I could not find any such shops. However, I was able to find a fantastic ice cream shop, which helped lighten the mood, as well as one of few stores between here and Florida that sells Dr.Pepper.

After returning to the boat, we began making preparations for dinner, which was a special occasion. Tonight we were able to get pizzas and go eat them at the end of the boardwalk at the mouth of the marina, where we played Hackisack, and enjoyed the last moments of the day before returning to the boat and calling it a night.

Photo Credit: Leoni

Photo 1: A group completing their deep dive credit
Photo 2: A parrotfish spotted during the deep dive