Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

The crew awoke to church bells chiming at daybreak, as is characteristic of the French Islands. I accompanied the chefs of the day in to shore to help pick up a fresh batch of baguettes, pan au Chocolat, and croissants for a distinctly French breakfast. After washing the crumbs overboard, Mollie, Brandon, Boots, Ivy, and Tor took off to try and climb the looming sides of Mt. Pele high up into the clouds. The rest of the crew stayed back on the boat to study for this week’s midterm tests. The studying was put on hold after lunch for the students to do their first deep dive. We dinghied out to a wreck lying in just about 100 feet of water, and the advanced dive students got their first taste of deeper waters. Our after-dinner activity was the much anticipated Marine Biology exam. After a quick and successful test, we launched into a few leadership activities to round out the night. As busy and productive as ever here on Ocean Star!