Location: Bonaire

As light dawned on the horizon, Argo made its way into the crystal clear waters of Bonaire. By 8:00, we were docked, and everyone began celebrating a much-needed boat appreciation day. Sails were flaked, decks were scrubbed, and bunks were bleached as every student pitched in to make our boat look top-notch. After clearing customs, students gathered in the salon for MTE and OCB classes. In MTE, students learned about different types of fires on boats and how to prevent them from using the various firefighting equipment on board. In OCB class, we discussed our papers on artificial reefs. The variety of stances on the issue proved for a heated discussion between students ending in a peaceful stalemate. To wrap up lectures for the day, Brittney and Sophie gave their Bonaire presentation, giving students some useful information about local attractions and sights to see. To end such a perfect day, students were given the evening off to wander the streets in search of Wi-Fi and delicious treats. Tune in next time for more adventures in Bonaire Adios!