Location: Petite Piton, St Lucia

After a slow morning waiting for laundry to arrive, we left the beautiful Marigot Bay Resort to go to the mooring. We had to say goodbye to cold drinks, freshwater showers, wifi, and the spa. We had oceanography where we discussed our research projects, and then we motored for about an hour and a half to another part of the island. It is so pretty here, with lots of mountains and jungle. We then had some free time before lunch. We had some amazing handmade bread baked for us by Ash, Calum, and Lenox. It was eagerly devoured. After lunch, we started using charts for seamanship, and it was a lot of fun. After we did something that a bunch of us have been waiting for since day 1…the boom swing. We put the main boom outwards onto the starboard side and raised it as high as we could. Once it was set, we tied a knot at the end of the rope, and the crew started swinging. We all thought it’d be really easy, but we were shortly proven wrong. We were falling off the rope, getting caught and landing weirdly, and doing some really funny tricks. Once we got the hang of it, a few people decided to try different strategies and tricks. It was very entertaining, and we all got a lot of laughs in. Thankfully no one got hurt. After most people got a few swings in, we took it down and just in time, too, cause it started to downpour. We then had some downtime, and a lot of us took naps or watched videos on our phones, or did some school work. For dinner, we had vagabond pie that was absolutely delicious. We then sang happy birthday to Pearse and ate some chocolate cake that was so graciously baked by our amazing chefs. Everyone kept going back for more, and we finished it very fast. We are now about to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, courtesy of Pearse’s decision for his birthday. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have for tomorrow. I hear it’s going to be amazing.

1: Luke
2: Margeaux
3: Adelaide
4: Mike
5: Lenox, Ash, Calum
6: Margeaux
7: Ben
8: Riley
9: Calum
10: Margeaux
11: Isabel A. and Riley
12: Kiara