Location: Little San Salvador, Bahamas

I woke up and climbed on deck just in time to view a magnificent, colorful sunrise. This is how my day began as skipper; I then went down below to start wake-ups at 7:15 am, and then we all ate breakfast at 7:30 am. After breakfast, clean up, we split into two groups throughout the day. The first diving group completed some more of their advanced SCUBA certifications with Britt and Kris. Meanwhile, the rest of us helped prepare a rope swing out of the boom. We pulled the boom out onto the starboard side of the boat about ninety degrees and tied a rope to its end to swing from. We also tied a knot on the bottom of the rope to create a sort of foothold, so we could stand while swinging out from the boat. Some people got really creative with their boom jumps- we had back-flips, front flips, watermelons, cannonballs, and of course, belly flops! Many people took pictures and videos of these trial and error jumps. In the end, though, a lot of people were successfully back-flipping. I think the key was to wait until you had the most height to let go and start your trick. After lunch, the groups switched, so the morning divers were able to try out the boom swing as well; morning boom-swingers went diving. More advanced SCUBA certifications were completed along with the rescue certifications. The day ended with a great dinner of chicken parm and mashed potatoes. Cheers!