Location: Deshaies to Antigua

Today we rose around midnight to begin our passage to Antigua. It was our first time “doing it completely ourselves” (i.e. without staff). We split into two watch groups and did two hours on watch and two hours resting. My group was Gabe, Auto and I and we began our watch at midnight with quite a bit of rain. The rain lasted throughout the night as we brought our sails in and out with the weather. The seas were pretty rough and we were headed straight into the swells. This brought a consistent booting test on board. Gabe led the charge, followed by Theo, Eric and myself as a guest appearance. We came into English Harbor around 9:30am and performed a serious technical maneuver to get stern to the dock by reversing onto a mooring. After a clean up and delicious grilled cheese, we attempted to restore ourselves by having a relaxed afternoon. At 16:00 we ventured up to Shirley Heights for dinner and dancing. All in all, the day was probably one of the best.