Location: Toopua, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

After starting off the day at 6:30, the Argo crew proceeded to ready the ship for our 5 hours or so voyage to Bora Bora. Shortly after lifting anchor, a deeply satisfying breakfast of raspberry pancakes was dished out to the crew. Once out of the bay, the Fisherman, the forward staysail, and the main staysail were all raised for the first time since the 66-day students arrived on board. Shortly after, we followed an MTE class where we learned all the points of sail, the parts of the sails, and the basics of tacking and jibing. The 66-day crew had yet to run through the drills, so following the MTE class, the crew practiced all the necessary skills involved with dealing with a man overboard, a fire, and an abandoning ship situation. A few hours later, we arrived in Bora Bora, where we would spend the next few days. The new PADI students began their first open water dive to further their advancement in getting an Open Waters Diving license while the rest of the crew attended their marine bio class. Dinner was served several hours later, and to finish the day, everyone sat down to watch a documentary made and narrated by and about the super-seaman Irving Johnson. He originally began these types of student-sailor adventures.