Location: Grand Anse, Grenada

Today started with a quick motor starting from Prickly Bay up the coastline to Grand Anse. After arriving, we got both dinghies in the water and prepared for a full day away from Ocean Star. We started our day off with time on Coconut Beach, where we played with a football, got our hair braided, and, best of all, raced Hobbie Cats. This was a vicTORious day for our Captain Tor, who beat first mate Nick McGinty in two out of their three races. After our time on Coconut Beach, we got into a taxi and drove over to Grand Roy’s primary school. There we split into two groups, one to teach fifth and sixth graders about marine life and the other to teach about the essential knots we tie on board. I know I speak for the whole crew when I say this was an incredible experience. The elementary school students were an absolute blast to hang out with.

I was put in the group that helped teach knots, and I know my smile never left my face. After teaching the knots, the kids would proudly show off their new talents to their friends and our crew members. We taught them three primary knots, the square knot, the figure-eight knot, and the BOWLINE. I write bowline in all caps because the second group we taught how to tie it became very fascinated with this knot. Once we were done teaching, one student picked up a drum and started to play a beat with all the other children singing ‘Bowline Bowline, Bowline Bowline.’ This erupted into a full-on dance party with all the students and crew members in our group. When school finally ended, the kids quickly shuffled us outside to proudly show off their back-flips, back handsprings, and handstands. Leaving the school was quite difficult as all the children surrounded our taxi and us as we entered it, only to leave when we started up, and everyone squeezed back inside. After leaving the school, we were allowed around three hours of shore time, where many crew members explored the town of St. George while others found local restaurants. Our day ended with a bit of rain and dinner below deck, followed by a marine biology class. On the twentieth day of our trip, this marked the first fourth of our voyage being completed, with three-fourths left. It has been an awesome time, and the crew and I can’t wait for more amazing experiences like we had today.