Location: Underway to SVG

Hello all,

Below is a ghost-written post, but I do hope it finds you well. If you’ve followed the blog posts along till now, you likely know the cast and crew and how we each have our appreciations and the experiences of us aboard Argo. Slowly the second to final act is fading to a fantastic conclusion, and soon the last chapter, ‘St. Vincent and the Caribbean’ will begin. I hope you’ve enjoyed the narrative thus far; it certainly has been a joy to be a part of it.


“Dearest Readers,”

“Hello. It is me, Brahm, once again. How are you doing today? I hope you all are splendid, particularly as Jake dearly misses you, Mrs. Valpey. I (Brahm) had a fantastic day. It started when I awoke to Ben’s smiling face and the pungent smell of my beloved Stockholm tar. I spent the morning throwing bread crumbs at my watch team members as if they were ducks. I tried to stare contemplatively into the distance, but the ducks refused to leave me, Brahm, alone. In the interest of boat hygiene, I (still Brahm) attempted to inspect their nostrils and ear canals. Sadly, they refused to accept my generous help. I will have to train them further. We reached 6,000 nautical miles during our watch. Lunch was perfectly adequate. I spent the afternoon in deep contemplation, scowling at the horizon and softly singing sea shanties.

A tern, buoyed gently by a gust, suddenly plummeted toward the frothing waves. It vanished into the abyss of the ocean, returning triumphant, with a flying fish in its majestic beak. The bird was a benevolent wanderer in one moment and a voracious victor in the next. I (definitely Brahm) shed a single tear. Who are we to decide who is the villain in this mad dash we call life?

Dinner was also adequate. We were met with a squall during squeeze, during which I, Brahm, maniacally laughed as the students cowered from the rain. Sarah did an absolutely fantastic job on the helm, and I did not try to kick her off whatsoever. Seve was stylishly dressed as always in his new friendship bracelet and crop top. Both are far better chess players than I could ever hope to be.

That is all from me, Brahm. I hope that you all take my words to heart. They are truly reflective of who I am as a person. That person, who wrote this blog, is Brahm.”


1. Watch Team One enjoying a fantastic day on passage
2. Students studying and writing their papers well before the deadlines
3. A hygiene inspection of Mr. Valpey’s nostrils

Current position: 1611.61’N x 05435.64’W