Location: Underway to SVG

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Today came in like a wrecking ball. The 4:00-8:00 am watch with watch team one was magnificent. Many of us enjoyed boatmeal towards the end of watch and helped to throw in the fishing lines just as watch team two took over on deck. As a lot of us napped through the remainder of the morning, Jake, Mella, and head chef Lolo were hard at work in the galley cheffing up some amazing Thai food. At noon, we were summoned on deck by yours truly for Thai Peanut Crepes. They were scrumptious. After lunch, we were divided up into groups for Seamanship with Smash to work on Navmaster practice and later had Marine Biology with Amanda to learn about the deep sea. Classes were followed by deck showers in some beautiful weather, and we shortly thereafter dropped the mainsail and the flying jib. After mustering on deck for dinner, we indulged in some spectacular Chicken Pad Thai. Sriracha drizzle highly recommended. However, go easy because the spice tolerance has seemed to diminish slightly since the beginning of the trip. As usual, we wrapped up dinner with squeeze and cleanup and are eagerly awaiting our watches tonight.


Lance and Andrew having an absolute blast on gopher duty.
The majestic JP Wade tends the main staysail preventer with Brahm. Marion (MarBear) was there too.
Galley and gopher crew

Current position: 1949.17’N x 2430.78’W