Location: Underway to Tonga

All is Ridgy didge aboard the good ship Argo, although we’ve had the few brief rain squalls that are a tad bit nippy. The odd mischievous wave that sends us off our bunks every now and then the day continues to make us feel happy when we are reminded where we actually are and why we chose this once in a lifetime voyage. So far for me, I have to say that out of all my days I have spent sailing, this passage has been a real beaut of a sail! I mean, the fact that we have had such consistent winds, from the same direction, never dying down or having to start the engine to keep our speed, it doesn’t happen as much as we would all like. Yes it’s tiring at times, yes we get a couple of bumps and bruises while we are searching for our sea legs, yes it can be tricky to cook, clean and maintain our everyday routines. Still, there always follows a feeling of satisfaction when the duties are done, and we can finally get to take on a bit of sleepy time while we listen and feel the great forces of nature that are only known to the gutsy sailorwhat a classic example of another day well done to the young adventurers. And you thought that was all. Jack celebrated his 20th birthday today, and I hope hell be talking about it at least for the next 20, not because of the delicious cake but because it started with a bang when a batten broke and we had to switch sails and now older Jack was doing a heck of a job helping out with that. Good on ya, Jacko!