Location: Direction Island, Cocos Keeling

The sun has set on our last day in Cocos Keeling. It was a glorious day that started with sunshine and French Toast. Today we split up into groups for different activities; some went diving in the morning while others enjoyed the last of the white sand beaches of Direction Island. By noon everyone was back on board and getting ready for lunch. The Chefs were prepping Broccoli Cheese Soup when Marina came down the companionway and announced that Brit was missing! The Rescue divers sprang into action and had the missing diver back on board in record time. All our Rescue Divers and Divemasters have now passed their tests, safe at last! Just as everyone was about to sit down to lunch, we heard the call; dolphins on the port side! The dolphins were a few hundred feet off of Argo, and in a flash half, the crew was in the water.

We swam with the dolphins for a good fifteen minutes before the pod decided there were more pressing things to investigate than a bunch of silly people in snorkel gear. Swimming with dolphins checked off an item on several people’s bucket lists (including my own). In the afternoon, many people returned to the island, and those who remained set up a boom swing. Everyone took turns careening off the stern of Argo into the crystal clear waters below. At 4:45, passage prep began for our longest passage yet to Mauritius (at least fifteen days!). We rolled up one of our dinghies and cleared the deck of our dive gear and clothing. Argo is in tip-top shape for our next passage, and we can’t wait to get across the Indian Ocean. We’ve stocked up on snacks and are making sure everything is 40/40 down below before we pull up the anchor tomorrow morning. Cocos has been one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited on this trip; water so blue it almost hurts the eye, and white sand beaches so soft you sink up to your ankles. I know we’ll all miss it, but it’s time for the next adventure! Love and well wishes to all back home from everyone aboard. See you in Mauritius!