Location: The Atlantic Ocean

To begin, all of Argo wishes Alberto’s mother the happiest of birthdays! Having been at sea for over… well, quite a few watch rotations, it seems that everyone aboard has grown used to our hourly grind. The exception being the pain of our post-class saltwater showers, which seems to only worsen with each passing day. As I sit here typing, I glance to my right and watch as another painted sunset sky bids our dinner daytime duties adieu. Though each passing sunset has been as beautiful as the last, the real beauty tonight was watching the crew share stories from their lives off the ship before dinner. Some stories were happy, others a bit sad, but the fact is that everyone was comforted in sharing something personal after only knowing one another for two weeks. The bonds that have developed within the first fourteen days of our fifty-day journey are strong and show only signs of growing further.
It is about time for me to take my 20:00-00:00 watch, and I am looking forward to the uninterrupted night of sleep afterward.
Much love to those who think and pray for our crew every day.
Wish us fair winds and calm seas.

David M. IV

PS. We should reach land in about a week, so look forward to hearing from us in person!