Location: 8 54.98'S 114 57.84'E

We started our last day in Bali with apple crumble and blueberry muffins, yogurt, and fresh fruit, which filled everyone up before starting to prepare Argo for our passage to Christmas Island. It was a sad morning because we said goodbye to one of our shipmates, and I know we already miss her cracking jokes and making us laugh.

Passage prep was interrupted by customs officials who cleared us out of Bali, but the whole crew worked hard to make sure we were ready to leave by the mid-afternoon. Our first rain shower on board gave everyone a chance to break out their foul weather gear and move lunch below deck. After a leadership class, we had free time until dinner, which was definitely appreciated by those of the crew who had been feeling seasick. Lindsay made us an awesome meal of buffalo chicken, veggies, and cheesy rolls. Overall it was a long day, but a lot of people are excited to be getting back to sailing and the routine of passage life.