Location: 30,56.14'S 12,30.41'E

As day 3 of our passage was preparing to dawn, watch team 2 found ourselves on deck for a 4 am-8 am watch shift. Climbing out of the main companionway, we were greeted by the Milky Way, shooting stars, calm seas, and, most importantly, calm stomachs. As the sun began to rise off of Argo’s stern, watch team two could be found laughing, singing, and enjoying the sunny morning in the cockpit. At 8 am, relieved by watch team 3, we then went back to bed until lunch at 12 pm.

After enjoying a delicious salad bar for lunch, clean-up began with much more enthusiasm than we had been able to muster over the last few days. Finally, beginning to overcome seasickness, laughter and singing had returned to the deck along with color to our faces. The good mood continued through oceanography and seamanship classes as we learned about plate tectonics and safety protocols. After class, the salon filled with students working on homework and upcoming quiz prep while watch 2 returned to deck for our second watch of the day.

A dinner of pasta with mushroom sauce was the perfect ending to a beautiful day. However, the icing on top of the cake was just that, cake. We were surprised by brownies and cake, which we happily used to demonstrate an oceanic-continental convergent boundary before finishing out our meal.

To my friends in Scotland, I hope you all had a happy Burn’s Night!
Mum and Dad: I’ve somehow managed not to get seasick so far, so thank you for the good genes!