Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today we have officially completed a full cycle of our chore and watch wheel, meaning that I am the last “new” skipper. We woke up today at the usual time of 7 am to our boat already being in full swing. While breakfast of some amazing pancakes was being served (of which Jared ate 12 and Penn ate 11), Oceanstar was underway. As we made our way back north to Portsmouth, many of us took the opportunity to rest up and catch up on some homework after the three fun-filled days in Roseau. After anchoring, we had a delicious and nutritious lunch (including our new favorite fruit canips) before having a class on the research instruments we would be using during our lab down the Indian River. We split up into two boats and began paddling upriver, testing the salinity and temperature as we went. Kevin, the coconut, made an appearance and joined us in our lab. One of the high points was seeing the set used in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest for Calypso’s house and actually being able to explore it. Following a couple of hours on the river, we headed back for our daily ocean shower and a delicious dinner. I would have to say that the high point was the surprise from our chefs of a tray full of cookies. We had a second oceanography class of the day. Tomorrow brings us to a new place and, of course, a new adventure.

It’s safe to say that our comfort zones have been pushed and pulled throughout the voyage so far, but we are all having a great time doing just that. So hello from your Ocean Star crew, we miss you all but are not quite ready to leave these beautiful places just yet (or ever).