Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Tropical canyoneering was the crew’s adventure of the day. Off we trekked down a little trail through the jungle in search of the river. One wrong turn and two of our mates, Tor and Sam, found themselves trapped in quicksand! Sinking in the muck up their knees, they became slightly immobile. But with a lot of laughter slow-moving and some help from the rest of the crew, they were able to free themselves, and so we continued merrily on our hike. Part of the hike was down a steep slope, so we send many thanks to whomever it was that set lines in place to help ease our way down. We reached the refreshing water and began hiking downstream, through the canyons and over little waterfalls. It was a stunning sight, one we had yet to see on this trip. For 2.5 hours, we adventured through the riverbed until we reached our final destination: a high jump down a waterfall into a large, beautiful pool. Some jumped from the highest peak, some slide down the natural water slide, and all enjoyed basking in the sunlight. Once back on board, we topped off the evening with a Jacques Cousteau documentary in the on-deck movie theater (projector aimed at a white sheet rigged up in the cockpit). Definitely got us amped for diving/snorkeling the legend’s favorite dive site tomorrow!