Location: CapeTown, South Africa

It is hard to put today into words, but I’ll do my best. Today started with myself waking up the crew at 7 am. Most of us went out on a sightseeing tour traveling around Cape Town and beyond. The Cape of Good Hope was a personal favorite, as we hiked to the top of a mountain and were able to look out over the ocean from a lighthouse. We also went to an ostrich farm, I have never seen an ostrich in person, but I feel I have found the animal that I am most afraid of, the way they move and keep eye contact is extremely unsettling. We also got to go and see penguins! They are still awesome. Seeing everything was amazing, but being able to spend time with everyone on the boat was the highlight of the day, as always. As the days tick away, I find it hard to stomach the fact I have to say goodbye to my Argo family. I never thought that in a small three months, I would be able to develop such abound with total strangers, but boat life is just as unique as everyone on board, and I feel that is why we have come so close.