Location: 20,27,6S; 4,12,7E

Another day has come and gone on the S/Y Argo as she sails across the Atlantic Ocean. Mysterious bruises and new callouses have developed along with more unforgettable memories; sunsets and sunrises over the vast ocean, stargazing under the Milky Way galaxy at all hours of the night, and laughing until bellies ache and real tears roll down our cheeks. The day began with cloudy skies, but they gave way to a magnificent sunrise that illuminated the sky. In between watch duties and sleep, the shipmates did some final studying for their first Oceanography quiz. After Oceanography and Seamanship class, everyone headed out on deck for the first of many deck showers! Salty water and soap covered the deck, and laughter filled the air. Twenty-two people sharing one saltwater hose and one freshwater hose sure was an interesting experience, but everyone had a good time. Just as people were finishing up their deck showers and the sun was beginning to set, Humpback whales were spotted in the distance. It was a surreal and magical moment for everyone aboard. The day ended with a delicious dinner of vegetable Shepard’s Pie and perhaps the most amazing homemade rolls, all prepared by Steph. After dinner, the clean up began, and the speakers were turned on. Everyone danced and sang to music while scrubbing the deck and washing dishes. Another great day has passed on Argo, and everyone is excited for the days and adventures to come.