Location: Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

60 days down!

Today’s shenanigans consisted of our long-awaited, and scarcely explained “challenge course.” What many of us imagined to be some sort of obstacle or ropes course turned out to be a series of fun team-building exercises ranging from organizing ourselves into our assigned number order while mute and blindfolded to keeping balls of varying quality aloft for a certain number of hits in our watch teams (watch team one FTW). After a couple of hours of smashing through challenge after challenge on one of the most beautiful spits of sand and palm trees in this hemisphere, the crew returned to Argo for a quick lunch, some class, and a nice session of attempting to flip off the cap rails with varying rates of success. Dinner was followed by the continuation of our oceanography presentations and, finally, some well-needed sleep.