Location: St. Barths

As the days count down towards the end of our trip, the days have started to merge and be remembered as moments rather than days. Today had many great moments. I woke up at 3 am for my “passage watch” with Watch Team One. Together we sailed part of our 14-hour passage from English Harbor, Antigua, to Saint Bart’s. It was nice watching the sun give hints of light as we were going back to bed at 6 am. I awoke again at 9 am to help guide us into the harbor and pick up our anchorage. Having made a really good time on the passage, we started Boat Appreciation cleaning and were done by lunchtime. The afternoon was spent exploring the town of Gustavia. Everyone went shopping, myself included, scoring a cute new bikini set in preparation for our highly awaited surfing trip tomorrow! The rest of the evening was spent onshore. The crew had dinner together at Le Select, a burger place made famous by Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet. After dinner, the crew of ocean star hiked up to a lookout point and watched the sunset together before a night out in Gustavia. Watching the sunset with the group was defiantly a moment I will remember.
Sail fast,