Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

After two days of hiking, sailing, and touring around islands, the Ocean Star crew needed a day to chill. February 15th was just that.

Today we motored over to Sandy Island, an uninhabited island just a few hundred meters off-shore from Carriacou. The island was about a half-mile long, with a white sand beach to leeward and rocky coast just steps away to windward. The morning was an optional beach time/boat study time for our first Marine Biology exam scheduled for Tuesday. Study time on the boat made a good showing, and even some of the morning beachgoers came back early to get in on the study fun ;). After lunch, we all went to Sandy Island to participate in the SLD (Student Leadership Development) class on the beach. We had to work as a group to overcome a series of challenges and obstacles, including getting everyone over a 4-ft high line without touching it. After class, we all jumped in the water and explored the rest of the island, and a few took up laying in a hammock to continue studying for Marine Bio.

A much-needed day for us to relax, as we will be getting up before sunrise tomorrow to attend the morning celebrations of Carnival in Hillsborough, Carriacou.

Sail Fast,