Location: Slipway, Antigua

Rather than waking up to the smell of sausage or bacon this morning, the crew was awakened by an apparent DJ battle as the skipper and galley crew fought over which songs were played in the AM. There was a mixture of old country and new age rap flooding the saloon, effectively waking the remaining sleepy sailors but definitely causing some headaches. Chocolate chip pancakes cleared any remaining confusion and caused quite a bit of silence as we stuffed our faces. After breakfast, Brahm filled us in on “Intro to Seamanship” and really started to dive deep on the rigging, attributes, and necessary information on sailing the vessel. Everyone practiced diving today; the certified divers had their check-out dive where a large eagle ray was spotted among the sea turtles. New divers continued training and watching what seemed like hours of PADI dive videos. Dive teams parted ways and got wet as we descended from the dinghies and got a bit more practice in. Everyone was able to complete the necessary exercises with relative ease while enjoying some time with the sea urchins. There was a bit of free time spent up on the bow where many of us soaked up the rays to get that perfect Caribbean tan. Dinner snuck up fast, and we feasted on soft shell tacos courtesy of the galley crew; after clean up, Sam briefed us on our “Oceanography” course.

Another perfect day in Antigua; everyone is looking forward to leaving the docks tomorrow and anchoring in Falmouth Harbour.

Picture 1: Tanning on the bow
Picture 2: Grady
Picture 3: Dishy Pit
Picture 4: Hangin’ on the bow
Picture 5: Julian (Andrew)