Location: Christmas Island

Today was an amazing day with an awesome breakfast made by Jake as we woke up to the Christmas sunrise. Everyone got ready for de passage prep after breakfast and a long trip from Bali. We all are happy to see land, jump in the water, and pull our dive equipment out for the first time in what feels like forever. Everyone split up into their dive groups, with the open water divers starting our advanced certification and our rescue divers hard at work with minimal mask losses! Wes and Tom were busy rescuing each other and didn’t notice their masks were making their way to the bottom of the ocean. Thank you, Tom, for the Christmas Island sacrifice. Your mask has a wonderful new home on the reef. The diving here is spectacular and is an awesome change in coral and wildlife from Indonesia. All the open water divers had the opportunity to see what the reef looked like below 60ft on our deep water dive, which for all of us was a new and beautiful experience and a new skill going towards our advanced certifications. We all returned to another awesome meal made by Jake, which was the perfect end to a long day of diving. We are all stoked to get on land tomorrow and see what this island has in store for us. The jungle and limestone cliffs are immediately eye-catching. We are all ready for the next restock of snacks before we set off on our next voyage to interact with the crabs that have made this small island famous.

And Hi everyone at home!!!