Location: Male, Maldives

Falling back asleep after my final 12 am to 4 am watch, I woke to the sound of my fellow shipmates up on deck and tangible excitement in the air — we had officially arrived in the Maldives after an 11-day passage across the Indian Ocean. Our first sight of land consisted of a city of tall colorful buildings that looked as if they stretched up out of the water itself. After 11 days of rotating watches, in which we were quick to point out the slightest sign of boat traffic, it was a bit overwhelming to see an eclectic mix of boats everywhere we looked. Our day was spent giving Argo some much-needed love after her journey through the sea. Before lunch, we finished a complete deck wash, stopped to eat some lovely Soba noodles made by Joe and Giulia, and then continued on with our determined Boat Appreciation. By late afternoon Argo was sparkling clean, all her surfaces polished, all sides scrubbed and shining. We are all excited about resuming anchor watch tonight, both for the extra hours of sleep it will allow and the chance to spend an hour on deck alone after the crazy traffic of the day’s events. Before anchor watch begins tonight, however, we are about to enjoy a movie night with the whole crew. Fingers crossed, there will be some tasty treats involved as well. Love to all back at home, wherever home may be!