Location: Tobago Cayes

Today was a day full of learning new things. We had classes on everything from sailing to first aid to leadership development. This morning we had MTE, which is our sailing class. During the class, we learned about all the different kinds of anchors and when each of them is used. It was very interesting because the type of anchor that we use on Ocean Star is not very common anymore because of its weight, and it is difficult to store. After class, we motored over to Tobago Cays. From our anchor spot, we can see the island where Jack Sparrow was marooned in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We will visit that island in a few days. We also had our Emergency First Responder (EFR) class, where we learned how to respond to different emergency medical situations. This is a class that everyone should take because it prepares you for emergency situations. After class, some people relaxed or caught up on work on the boat, while others chose to go to a small nearby island and hang out on the beach and snorkel. Although the wind made snorkeling a bit difficult, Jess and Nick did spot a big stingray, and those of us who stayed on the island saw many iguanas and a few tortoises. This area is full of life, and we are excited to see more on our turtle snorkel tomorrow!