Location: Underway to Dominica

With each passing day, the water continues to get warmer and the sun hotter. Now that’s a good and bad thing, it makes deck life great, especially on night watches when you can wear bathing suits and a t-shirt, however inside the boat can be a bit toasty sometimes. The tans are back, though; everyone is looking browner. As of today, the wind slowed down from about the previous 15-20 knots to 9-12 knots, changing our speed from an average of 7 knots to about 5. Our arrival to Dominica has been pushed back a day or so, but that’s no big deal, one extra day on this 19-day passage doesn’t phase us, I mean we are sailing across an ocean on a beautiful boat with interesting people, sounds pretty awesome. Classes aboard Argo are wrapping up, we just took our Marine Biology Final Exam, had our last MTE class, and only have to study for the Navigation Master Test, and Oceanography is following suit. Moods are good on Argo. With only 13 days left, people are defiantly feeling closure around the corner, which in a way has brought us all closer together. Hence, people defiantly seem to be enjoying each moment, and each other’s company as the 30 of us will probably never be in the same place at the same time ever again. Families are missed, and we are all excited for the holidays. It’s the last day of November, which also means the last day of all these classy mustaches for the guys. Team Argo has been able to raise an amazing amount of $4,952 dollars, only $48 more to break $5,000, so with your help, we would be stoked!!! We are ranked 499 on Movember.com. Much love coming from 15 53 N, 57 01 W set date:2012-11-30