Location: Salt Island, BVI

We started the day underway to the BVI. I can’t believe we are already coming back to where we started 72 days ago. It is our last night passage of the trip and it could not have been sweeter. We had a steady 16 knots of wind with a following sea and a clear sky dotted by millions of stars. Watch ended at 6 for Watch Team 2 but within an hour we were making our approach to Round Rock Passage, the same passage that we left from. I can’t describe the feeling we got as we entered the Sir Francis Drake channel. Adventure, accomplishment, satisfaction and a hint of exhaustion only begins to touch on our emotion. We dropped sail and anchored off of Virgin Gorda to begin a session of Boat Appreciation to thank Ocean Star for our safe passage. While we made her as beautiful as ever, Tor went to customs to clear us into the country. Once we finished giving back to O-Star we headed ashore to explore The Baths, an absolutely amazing rock formation on Virgin Gorda, The are natural pools, grottos, pristine beaches and jumping rocks! Easily one of the coolest and most unique places around the BVI. After we explored as much as we could, it was time to head back to the boat to weigh anchor…we are moving to a new anchorage! On the way, we posed for pictures to show off our sweet mustaches that we have been working on all month. Today is the last day for us to grow our MO’s for Movember, a charity we raising money for. You can check out our webpage that we created with awesome pictures of our efforts at www.mobro.co/syoceanstar. After a quick motor we dropped a hook in Salt Island and settled in for the night. Tonight we have Oceanography with Carolyn to review for our final! Can’t wait for another sick day tomorrow. You’ll just have to wait and see what we are up to….