Location: Saba

Today we sailed from Statia to Saba. We started passage prep right after breakfast and were sailing before lunch. We arrived at the beautiful craggy cliffs of Saba in the early afternoon. After we had dropped anchor, we had a quick swim and a close encounter with an aggressive barracuda. Then we had our marine biology quiz, followed by oceanography class. Today we learned about marine pollution. I was disheartened to hear about the massive ecological damage caused by humans but inspired to talk about solutions to the world’s problems. After class, we all had a break that included a heated card game and an impromptu free-diving session. Last on the agenda was putting the boat to bed. Folks had to work extra hard today since three of our divers were working on their rescue dive certification at this time. We finished the day with an excellent spaghetti with vodka sauce and brownie while we watched the sunset.