Location: Charlestown Bay, Canouan

Having the last anchor watch is always nice because the sunrises every morning are astonishing. I spent the first half of it scanning lightly through my notes (while also diligently being on anchor watch) for our marine biology exams, which were right after breakfast. As I was trying to memorize all the different terminology, I noticed some pink and orange clouds creeping up behind the mountains of Bequia. Once everyone was awake, they all had the same idea as I had and began to study before our delicious breakfast of french toast. To top it all off, the chefs made whipped cream at the last second, which was a big treat. After breakfast, we all crammed into the salon to take the exam, and when we were finished, there were many mixed feelings about it, but all was well in the end…hopefully. Finally, the anchors were up, and all idle hands on deck were led by Johnny and Celia in raising the mainsail and the staysail (Johnny did an incredible job, he really is a true mariner). We were now underway with Bequia to our stern and on our way to Canouan. The passage was very peaceful, with nearly no swells and the sun shining down on the deck with a steady pace of around 4 knots. Liam was again unsuccessful with his fishing attempts, even with the new trolling reels he bought on land, but we are hoping for a bite soon :). Henry and his sous chefs, Addisen and Chris, made a scrumptious lunch of breakfast burritos while underway. The rest of the passage was quite nice as Brahm let me, man, the helm till we reached Canouan. Dropping the anchors, flaking the sails, and putting on the sail covers is a quick process at this point in the trip, which was nice because the water looked so refreshing, and we all wanted to jump in. Dinner was in 2 hours, so we all had a bit of free time to hang out on the deck and enjoy the new scenery, and the smells of lasagna were coming up through the galley hatch, which got me excited. I could tell they had been slaving over it for hours as it was very satisfactory to everyone, especially the ricotta cheese substitute of cottage cheese. After cleanup, we are going to watch a movie about scuba diving that Ash picked out for us. All in all, today was fantastic with a great sail, great food, and many laughs. Can’t wait to see what Canouan has to offer.

Photo 1: The gorgeous sunrise
Photo 2: Breakfast squad making breakfast
Photo 3: Keaton leading the anchor raise and Meg posing
Photo 4: Celia leading the mainsail raise
Photo 5: The mainsail and staysail raised and underway
Photo 6: Lunch
Photo 7: Johnny being a professional seaman
Photo 8: Me pointing to a whale that doesn’t exist, fooling everyone
Photo 9: Couples photo
Photo 10: Meg posing again
Photo 11: Henry magnificently dropping the anchor
Photo 12: Henry describing what is in the lasagna instead of which is dairy-free or vegetarian, or gluten-free
Photo 13: Addisen and Keaton at sunset
Photo 14: Another couples photo