Location: Peter Island, BVI

As skipper, my first duty is to wake the crew with a song of my choice- promptly at 7 am. Today, however, I didn’t need to worry as all 12 of us was up by 6:15, hitting the books once again in preparation for our exams. In honor of Clara’s birthday, it was panned crepes for breakfast! Unfortunately, there was no Nutella- but it was still wonderful and delicious. Closely following clean up, we split into two groups to begin our exams. Six crew members started with our MTE/navigation exam, while the other six started with Oceanography down in the saloon. We were allotted two hours to complete each exam, and the crew was hard at work all morning. After the first round of exams, it was time for lunch, and then we were right back at it! The groups switched to tackle the stations and got down to business. Some who finished early took the time to finish their knowledge reviews for our final dive toward our advanced certification. Once exams were finished, we were free to indulge in some much-needed relaxation time. In other news, the pillow thief has struck again! This time the culprit targeted the staff pillows- a dangerous task indeed- but they were kind enough to leave a trail of clues which, if decoded correctly, would lead the staff to their treasure. In true pillow thief fashion, most of the notes were rhyming couplets or quatrains. As the day winds down, the crew is preparing to celebrate Clara’s birthday further with some amazing cake. Beyond that, I’m sensing a film and some shipmate snuggle time in our near future, followed perhaps by varying lengths of sleep before our team pirate watch tonight (Not real pirates, mom, just some friendly ActionQuest pranks).