Location: Cuba

For our second day in Cuba, the shipmates were out and about discovering the rest of the fascinating city. Horse-drawn carriage rides, art galleries, sword-shaped buildings, and revolutionary museums were some finds; studying, sleeping, varnishing, and counting charts were other activities! You’ll be pleased to know Argo will never be getting lost; we have over 320 charts covering the entire globe! After a chicken dinner courtesy of Joe, and the count of getting to 31 with two of Hayley’s friends joining us for the evening, it was time to go out and sample the local delights, Rum and Cigars, for whatever their proclivities before arriving it seems the culture creates the smoker, and cigars were definitely the flavor of the trip. Once back on board, it was time to get some sleep before we head out to the Bahamas tomorrow on what should be a much smoother trip than the one we had getting here.