Location: Underway to Mauritius

T-15 hours until we step foot on land for the first time in two weeks! The last 14 days have been speeding by, and 3 am watches a normal part of our daily routine. A phenomenon known as the Argo time warp causes the past two weeks to seem like days and each hour to last a million minutes. We have all grown a certain love for our time on passage, whether it be for the dozens of shooting stars spotted overhead during night watches or unexpected dance mobs that form anywhere whenever you least expect them. Even though each day we spend on passage comes with its own struggles and adventures, I feel confident saying that all 31 of us are ready to do some more exploring off our beloved 112 foot home. We have so many adventures awaiting us in Mauritius, and we can’t wait to discover all of them as well as make good use out of their local cream shop and chicken nugget distributor, but there are still a couple of amazing moments to be mentioned from today as well. Watch team one ( Tim, Hudson, Faulk, Hans, Emma, Char, and Ethan) had an epic 6 am-9 am watch in which they made the decision to only speak to each other in freestyle raps and practice their belief in all floor crisps are good floor crisps. From there, our day ran pretty normally, exam in marine bio, oceanography presentations, and then showers up on deck. It was mid-deck showers when Cooper and Tim darted back to the fishing lines tailing of the stern of the boat; Cooper managed to pull up the massive Barracuda from the water but sadly had to throw him back because he wasn’t quite big enough to feed all 31 of us. We ended the day with some cracker eating contests and a quick jam session before eating a scrumptious chicken pot pie. P.S. There are definitely alien spacecraft in the sky here, and they are only summoned when watch team one performs their new and improved version of unwritten.

Can’t wait to talk to all of you so soon. XO Argo crew

Coordinates: 01929.80’S 05914.42’E